OTP Verification For Delivery

To prevent erroneous delivery, BytePhase will assist you in completing the verification process, as the customer will receive OTP via email and SMS. Using Delivery OTP, you can verify the identity of the device owner.

Our OTP verification features benefits such as improved security and authenticity.

There will be an interface with verification via the customer’s registered mobile number or email address. The software sends OTP to email and SMS and will wait to get verified with revert back from a customer. Customers get OTP on all transactions via SMS and email to ensure all delivery are genuine. As soon as your business executes, customer products are repaired and ready for delivery. BytePhase makes the Seamless and Secure Verification Process unique, making your business better than the competition.

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OTP For Delivery

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OTP Verification For Delivery

  • Ownership Verification

  • Avoid disputes with Customers

  • Secure Delivery

  • OTP on SMS & Email

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Your data is encrypted on the server using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

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Automatic backups of the data will be performed on our dedicated database server every day.

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