How to do Tax setting in BytePhase?

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Tax Settings

Step-by-Step Process

  • Login to the BytePhase portal then click on a business logo 
  • Then Click on  Business Settings ->Tax Setting
Tax setting
  • You can click on the Plus button [ + ] in the image above to create a new Tax
Tax setting
  • The above window will open once you click on the plus button. You will need to enter the tax name and tax rate. If you want to add subclasses to the tax rate, as shown in the image above, you do so by clicking on the plus button.
  • Click on save to add that tax to your Bytephase account

Bytephase ensures compliance and error-free transactions by applying taxes to invoices, Quotations, and other financial documents. Tax reporting and filing procedures are simplified, promoting transparency with your customers and partners.

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Happy Tax managing

You’ve successfully learned how to manage Tax Settings in the Bytephase CRM.

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Vishwajit Sayambar

Full Stack Developer at BytePhase

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