How does Barcode work in BytePhase?

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Step-by-Step Process To create and Use Barcode

How To generate Barcode

  • Click on the Parts tab on the sidebar
  • The option to generate a barcode can be found when creating new parts or editing existing parts
  • By clicking on that Generate Barcode Button, that part will be encoded with a barcode 
  • In the pop-up, you will see a barcode, and you will also have the option of printing a barcode so that you can scan it while selling
  • You can view the barcode after closing the barcode pop-up by clicking View Barcode Button, and the barcode number will appear in the input box near the barcode button
  • Clicking on that view barcode will bring up the same pop-up as before and we will have the option to print it
  • The barcode will now be assigned to that part when you create or save it
  • Barcode generation is Done now let’s see how to use that barcode

How To Scan/Use Generated Barcode

  • Open the Sale tab in the sidebar to sell that part. When you create a sale, you have the option to add a part with a scan symbol. When you click on that button, a scanner popup will appear.
  • Afterward, you can scan the part with a scanner and it will automatically get added to the sale that you are creating
  • The same process must be followed for adding parts to a job as well

 Well done! 📊🔍📦 

Barcode usage in BytePhase CRM: simple inventory management. Boost efficiency, track stock, and process orders easily.

Need help? Contact BytePhase support.

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