How Outsourcing Works in BytePhase?

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Step-by-Step Process

  • Create a repair job you want to outsource according to your preferences
  • On the sidebar, click the Jobs button to open the job listing page, then click the [ + ] button to add a Create New Job
  • After filling out in all the information and saving it, you will be redirected to a job sheet where you will find a button that says View Job.
  • Click that button and you will be redirected to the overview of the job.
  • Now click on the Job Actions button and you will see Outsource To option
  • Upon clicking the Outsource To button, a pop-up appears
  • Select the vendor to whom you want to outsource the work on that pop-up
  • In addition, you need to enter the price, and you have the option to add a description
  • Upon saving, the new entry will be added to the Outsource listing page 
  • What is the location of the Outsourcing listing?
    1. You can get that job by clicking on the Outsource button on the sidebar
    2. You have the option of changing/updating the status of the job, and all this information will be displayed on the Job Overview page. 
  • Here’s how you can manage your outsourcing.
  • How to add vendors 
    • As shown above, we have a Vendors button on the Outsource Listing page. 
      • Outsource->Vendor
  • You can edit your vendors by clicking the Vendors button. You will be taken to the Vendors listing page.
  • To create a new vendor, click the [ + ]  button

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You’ve successfully learned how Outsourcing work in the Bytephase CRM.

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