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How Signature Capture Works in BytePhase?

By Published On: July 27th, 2023Categories: Boost your business, Features, Tips & Tricks1 min read
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Signature Capture

Step-by-Step Process

Login to the BytePhase portal then click on a business logo 

  • Then Click on  Business Settings ->Business information->Signature
  • You can see we have a Business signature upload option
Signature Capture
  • Click on Select file and then choose your signature
Signature Capture
  • Once your signature is uploaded, it will be displayed as follows:
Signature Capture
  • An alternative method to save your Business signature is as follows:
  • You can write your own signature with the help of a mouse and save it rewrite this
Signature Capture
  • After successfully uploading your signature, it becomes visible on various documents such as Job sheets, Quotations, Invoices, Payment receipts, and more.
Signature Capture

And there you have it! 🖋️📄🏢

We’ve reached the end of the steps to see how to use Signature Capture in BytePhase CRM. With this feature, you can effortlessly capture signatures and streamline document handling.

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Vishwajit Sayambar

Full Stack Developer at BytePhase

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